Amazing Place to Vacation

89A_in_SedonaPrescott is considered a real adventure in the true west. With average temperatures in the seventies and snow in the winter, it is an amazing place to vacation and maybe rent or purchase a cabin in the mountains or ranch land near the Granite Mountain located there.

Prescott is sometimes referred to as a home away from home with great shopping, with a wonderful mall and many local shops. Prescott AZ real estate offers many places to stay in and enjoying, for example, golfing. Golfing there has a very long season and many fantastic courses to play on, with homes located there so you may tee off from your back deck. Prescott also has many wineries and many local events year round to explore and enjoy. Love camping and hiking, Prescott has over 450 trails to explore the surrounding wilderness and get up close and personal to the local wildlife. Enjoy mountain biking, Prescott has that from easy to extreme. Trails that take you from the thousand of ponderosa pines located there to the desert and the beauty of the local cactus. The cuisine there varies to ones tastes and is a pleasure to dine night and day. But the true beauty of Prescott is the history there about the wild west, from Wyatt Earp to Doc Holliday the local museums are full of western history.

One of the great times a person can have in Prescott is to enjoy a horseback ride into the Massicks_house,_Fain_Parkmountains. You can choose to go single or as many people have, enjoy a romantic ride with lunch provided by the stables surrounded by the beauty and majesty that only Prescott can offer. After one has spent time in the area one may look into the lease option of a local home or cabin there, as a great get away from the bustle of daily life. Also available are many small ranch type get aways and undeveloped land in Yavapai county. Prescott is small yet a great vacation offering much to someone just looking to get away and get back to nature. The beauty, wildlife and people of Prescott are one of a kind and the homes, cabins and land there is considered to be a place of peace and relaxation. So if one is looking for a spa get away with all the amenities or a long hike in the woods, Prescott has it all. Again, considered a home away from home, vacationing in Prescott may not have one leaving there.